Who am I?  (Good question!)


     Well, I'm a woman, an actor, a wife, mother, grandmother, and a daughter.  My parents immigrated to the USA from Russia: my singing, happy father, from a small "Shtetl" in the Ukraine; my elegant, complex mother from Kiev.  I spoke very little English when I went to 1st  grade, but "caught up" and was off to Syracuse University at 16.  After Graduation, on to NYC to make the "rounds". My first job came within 4 months---- Jo in "Little Women" in a touring company;  a different town each day, 11 shows a week. I took turns driving the  truck---- Salary $35 a week. Ah! the good ole days!  After that? Well, it's pretty much, all here on the website.

I've been UP and I've been DOWN, but I'M A LUCKY LADY! The  joy of doing what you  REALLY NEED AND WANT TO DO, continues to keep me ALIVE! 


You might have seen me recently on a bus, or on the subwaY.


I am proud to be part of a  campaign  to prevent elder abuse.  Just another day in actress' life. 

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A wonderful play. 

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